We are a passionate studio offering music instruction and academic tutoring in Calgary. Please get in touch for a free trial!

What we offer

We want our students to learn in an atmosphere that is fun, friendly and easy. As a small business, we pride ourselves in personalized care, custom curriculum, and special attention.

Music Lessons

Build skill, enthusiasm and confidence with your instrument. Our one-on-one lessons are always tailored to each student’s needs and interests, to keep everyone engaged and excited about lessons and practice.

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Bass
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Violin

Academic Tutoring

Bolster confidence, test scores, and critical thinking. Without classroom pressure, you or your child can catch up, or get ahead of grade level. Discover the difference a professional tutor can make!

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social
  • Reading
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Pricing Options

Your time at Leroux Studios is booked at the same rate, whether you choose to enroll in music or academia. Uniquely flexible, Leroux semester registrants need to provide only one month’s notice to reschedule or suspend lessons, and can transfer their classes to a different instrument or academic subject at any time. There are no sign-up fees or admin charges. Gift certificates available!

Weekly Lessons

30 Min



45 Min



60 Min



30 Min Drop-In Packs / Gift Certificates

5 Lessons


one time

10 Lessons


one time

15 Lessons


one time


I've taught here for 1.5 years. I've taught at many studios in Calgary and this is the only one I will teach at in town. Bryan and his teachers are all really nice, understanding, accommodating, and put people first (in front of business). This attitude is a gem and makes for a pleasant human experience. The studio may not look like much from the outside but inside reveals a beautiful, spacious seating area (other studios tend to cram every foot with merchandise) with a big TV. Bryan, the owner, himself is a musician and teacher and understands the ins and outs of being a student and teacher. The business is run with thought, care, and ethics. I wish Leroux Studios all the best!

—Eileen K

Beautiful space, extremely talented and accommodating staff, a wonderful place for kids to learn to play a wide variety of instruments!!

—Courtney B

A great range of talented and personable instructors and lovely people to work with. My daughter has been having lessons there for a while and just started learning a second instrument because she enjoys it so much. Their prices are also very reasonable. Strongly recommend!

—Mark L

Bryan is a wonderful and attentive teacher, and has curated a team of like-minded instructors. You can tell that he has really put his heart and soul into his business, and that teaching music is truly his passion. I would recommend music lessons here to anyone.

—Kristyn A

I have had lessons at a number of studios in Calgary over the years and Leroux Music Studios is by far the best studio I have ever attended - a real gem - Owner Bryan is a talented musician and music teacher - a very pleasant, patient man with a passion for music teaching. I also love that Leroux Music Studios truly welcomes all ages and offers lessons in many musical disciplines. Leroux Music Studios is my absolute "go-to" studio in Calgary.

—Kathleen K

In January I will be entering into my third year of music lessons at Leroux Music Studios and can't say enough positive things about what the experience has been for me. I have always loved music, find it to be very therapeutic. I started out with voice and nine months later decided to take piano as well. The management and staff at Leroux Music Studios go the extra step to make sure the needs of the students are being met. I would highly recommend any one, any age to come out for a trial lesson, discover the music in you!!

—Bridget M

The team at Leroux are very talented musicians. They are passionate about their music and their students. It's been a great experience, as a mature student, to learn to love and appreciate music. "Practise makes Awesome " :) It's a fun night out!

—Shauna J

My 2 boys are taking guitar lessons at Leroux Music and they love it. Lessons with Mel are fun and Brian is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Amazing place, I highly recommend it.

—Shafiq B

My daughter takes 3 different instruments and loves all of her instructors. They're all listed in her success they all encourage her in a positive healthy way to burn music and love and appreciate it.

—Melanie S

My children have been going to the school for the past 4 years. Couldn't ask for better teachers! They care about the kids and have successfully given them the skills and self confidence to succeed in music. Thanks guys!

—Nadine W

My ONLY complaint is that I can only give 5 stars, I wish that I could give many more! Bryan Has been our son's music instructor for a few years now and he ALWAYS comes out of class extremely happy and glad he had a chance to attend. Bryan is a FANTASTIC individual as both an instructor and a person. His kind and gentle demeanor is apparent the first moment you meet him. He is very caring and very professional. My wife, son and I feel extremely fortunate that our child attends Leroux Music School. We, without hesitation, will be sending our two other children ( when they are old enough) to this very fine establishment. To all of you wonderful Folks at Leroux Music School, thank you for making our community a better place to be, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

J. G.

Bryan and Riley are the best. My Kaytie was a performing arts student in high school and wanted to learn bass guitar. She loved working with Bryan - he even helped her with her music theory homework. Kaytie had such a great experience, I signed up her dad. He's chilling with Riley, and completely inspired and off the couch.

Colleen N.

The nice thing about coming here is that Bryan has both patience and a deep love of teaching music that no one else I have ever met can compare to. I tried music lessons before, but they never took. I always felt like I was all thumbs, but Bryan has me really enjoying the lessons. Worth every

Matthew V.

This is a great music studio! I've watched it grow over they years as my son has been taking guitar lessons. The quality of the instructors is top shelf and there is a great sense of community within the students who learn here. Can't say enough good things about it!

Marcel P.